Namespace: CustomBehaviours

OO.Pulse. CustomBehaviours

Callback definitions for custom ad player behaviour.

Type Definitions


Callbacks which can be passed to OO.Pulse#createAdPlayer in order to customize the ad player behaviour.

  • Object
Name Type Description
setVideoSource OO.Pulse.CustomBehaviours~setVideoSource

If assigned, the function will be called when the ad player needs to play an HTML5 video. If not provided, the ad player will directly set the src attribute of the element used.

setVideoSource(mediaFile, videoElement)

Customize how media sources are assigned to the video element used for HTML5 video playback.

For more information, please refer to OO.Pulse#createAdPlayer.

Name Type Description
mediaFile videoplaza.adresponse.MediaFile

The media file which the ad player is trying to play.

videoElement HTMLVideoElement

The video element in which the ad player is trying to play the video.

// For videojs, we can use the player's own API to set both the source URL and MIME-type of the ad asset.
// Assume "player" refers to a videojs player instance and that we are playing our ads in it, as on mobile.
var customBehaviours = {
    setVideoSource: function(mediaFile, element) {
            src: mediaFile.url,
            type: mediaFile.mimeType

var adPlayer = OO.Pulse.createAdPlayer(adContainerDiv, null, null, customBehaviours);