Interface: Listener


The AdPlayerListener passed to OO.Pulse.AdPlayerController#startSession must conform to this interface.

Methods are required unless marked as optional.



An unexpected event coming from the content was received by the ad player.

This happens typically in situations where the ad player is notified that the content is sending time updates although it is supposed to be stopped.

Name Type Description
message string

A message describing the cause of the error.


An ad clickthrough button was clicked(this can happen in VPAID ads where a click on the video can force a clickthrough event).

If the clickthrough link is opened, you must call [adClickThroughOpened](OO.Pulse.AdPlayerController.html#adClickThroughOpened) for the SDK to track the clickthrough event.

For standard linear videos, the [AD_CLICKED](OO.Pulse.AdPlayer.Events.html#event:AD_CLICKED) event can be listened to know when the ad player was clicked. It is then up to the integration to trigger clickthrough or not.

Name Type Description
url string

The clickthrough URL to open


Pause playback of the content.


The session is done; no more ads will be played.



If provided, the ad player itself will not display pause ads; you must implement the logic for displaying them yourself. If not provided, the ad player will display pause ads automatically.

When called, a pause ad object to be displayed over the paused content will be provided.

Name Type Description
pauseAd OO.Pulse.PauseAd

Pause ad object. When displayed, call adDisplayed on the given pause ad object.


Start/resume playback of the content.