Interface PulseSession

    • Method Detail

      • extendSession

        void extendSession​(ContentMetadata contentMetadata,
                           RequestSettings requestSettings,
                           PulseSessionExtensionListener listener)
        Request additional ads for the ad session.
        contentMetadata - Information about the content which a requested ad session is to be played with, as well as information targeting the desired campaign(s).
        requestSettings - Information about the environment in which the requested ad(s) will play.
        listener - the PulseSessionExtensionListener that will be called when the session extension completes.
      • stopSession

        void stopSession()
        Forcefully stop the session.

        This may be called at any time during a session. No further listener methods will be called after the session is stopped.

      • contentStarted

        void contentStarted()
        Notify the session that content playback has started.

        This should only be called after your listener has been instructed to play the content through PulseSessionListener.startContentPlayback(), or if you have previously paused it with a call to contentPaused().

      • contentPositionChanged

        void contentPositionChanged​(float position)
        Notify the session that the content playback position has changed, either as a result of seeking or normal playback.

        This may trigger an ad break through PulseSessionListener.startAdBreak(PulseAdBreak) if any midroll ads are available.

        position - The content position in seconds since start.
      • contentPaused

        void contentPaused()
        Notify the session that content playback has been paused by the user.

        This may trigger a pause ad to display through PulseSessionListener.showPauseAd(PulsePauseAd), if such an ad is available.