Pulse SDK API Documentation

This SDK allows you to integrate ad serving from your Pulse account into your native Android/Android TV application.

Note: Open Measurement functionality and viewability tracking is currently not supported on Android TV.

Please see the changelog to see what is new and changed for this version.

Getting Started

During the startup of the video player application, you initialise the Pulse SDK and set up the connection to your Pulse account using the Pulse.setPulseHost method. After initialization, use Pulse.createSession to create a PulseSession. The PulseSession is assigned a PulseSessionListener implementation which handles all the communication between the video player and the PulseSession.

When it is time to play a video ad, your PulseSessionListener will be sent a PulseVideoAd through the PulseSessionListener.startAdPlayback method.

Integration sample:

Android Integration Sample on GitHub
Classes related to the Ooyala Pulse SDK.